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AirLancer Extender SA-5L

Protection from current surges for all outdoor WLAN installations

  • Low signal attenuation
  • Surge Protection Device (SPD) for all external Antenna installations
  • Central component of the Lightning protection systems

The use of the SA-5L is essential for outdoor installations – despite outdoor lightning-protection measures, partial discharges can still give rise to surges that can damage sensitive WLAN modules. Our extensive in-house research and development has resulted in a level of protection against partial discharge that improves on that available from standard protective adapters.


Please note: Protecting the components employed from the consequences of lightning strikes and other electrostatic influences is one of the most important aspects in the design and installation of wireless LAN systems for outdoor use. Please refer to the appropriate notes in the LANCOM Outdoor Guide as otherwise LANCOM Systems cannot provide any guarantee for LANCOM and AirLancer components in case of damage.