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AirLancer Extender O-360ag

AirLancer Extender O-360-4G

Omni-directional multiband antenna for outdoor installations

  • For the reception of LTE/4G, HSPA+, UMTS/3G, EDGE, GSM, and GPRS
  • Covers all LTE/4G bands in the range from 800 – 2700 MHz
  • MIMO antenna for higher data rates and better transmission quality
  • Ships with 5 m cable with two SMA connectors
  • Accessories for wall and mast mounting included
  • Ideal for connecting to all LANCOM indoor WLAN routers


Frequently, the cellular signals received by a router inside a building are too weak to reliably support a network. In such cases, the installation of an outdoor antenna on the building's outer facade is recommended. It receives the signal outside and transfers it to the router inside the building. The AirLancer Extender O-360-4G is an outdoor antenna that operates not only with LTE/4G signals, but also GSM, EDGE, UMTS/3G, and HSPA+. The integrated MIMO technology brings higher data rates and a better transmission quality in combination with LTE/4G. Particularly in built-up areas, where the Fresnel zone to the provider's base station is unlikely to be free of obstructions, reflections are ideal for transmitting signals to and from the MIMO antenna. The supplied mounting accessories allow for fixing the antenna directly to a building facade or on a mast.