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AirLancer Extender O-360ag

AirLancer Extender I-360-4G

  • Versatilely applicable, omnidirectinal indoor MIMO antenna
  • For LTE, EDGE, HSPA+, UMTS, and GPRS reception
  • Easy installation on window sills or electrical cabinets—no drilling required
  • Attaches to window panes by suction pad
  • Connects to all LANCOM indoor 3G/4G routers via SMA connector


The AirLancer Extender I-360-4G is a true multi-talent: In addition to LTE the antenna also supports the earlier standards HSPA+, EDGE, UMTS, and GPRS. It integrates into your network right now, even if LTE is not yet available on location. The indoor MIMO antenna is designed for maximum flexibility of installation: The omni-directional antenna offers ideal reception when attached to a window pane, where a suction pad makes mounting easy and residue free. Whatever the local conditions or requirements, the antenna can be placed on top of electrical cabinets or desks with its fold-out stand, or it can be fixed directly to the wall.