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Data privacy policy relating to the website of LANCOM Systems GmbH

1. General information concerning data privacy

Thank you for visiting our website and for the interest you have shown in our company and in our products and services. At LANCOM Systems we are very much aware that the protection of your privacy when using our website is of great importance to you. It therefore goes without saying that we comply with legal provisions relating to data privacy. It is also important to us that you, as a customer, always know when we store what type of data and how we use it.

The following explains what information we at LANCOM Systems collect during your visit to our website and how this is used.


2. Data collection

We log your visit to our website. We record the IP address that your PC is currently using, the date and duration of your visit and the pages that you access on our website. If your browser provides information on the type of browser you are using, your PC's operating system and the website that directed you to us, we will record this information, too. As a general rule it is not possible for us to make any inference about your person, which is also something that we do not intend to do.

We collect this data only for the purpose of operating our website and improving our Internet offering. We do not use the data for anything other than statistical purposes.

Moreover, we only store personal details if you provide them to us for processing, for example in the course of registration, a survey, a competition, an online job application or in order to perform a contract. You are given information about the purpose of collecting the data gathered in the relevant input or contact form.


3. Data use and data transfer

Personal details that you communicate to us via our website or by e-mail (e.g. your name, your address or your e-mail address) will only be used for our correspondence with you and only in relation to the matter for which you provided us with your details.

From time to time we may also use this data to inform you about new products and other services that may be of interest to you. You are of course entitled to instruct us to stop making such use of your details at any time. In the case of a critical bug in our products or our software, we reserve the right to inform you about the problem for the protection of your infrastructure.

The information collected on our website will be forwarded to the relevant department within our company. We assure you that apart from this we will not forward your personal details to any third party unless we are legally bound to do so or you have given us your prior consent.

Insofar as we make use of external service providers to perform and handle processing, the relationship between us and the service provider is governed by the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

We employ other companies and individuals to perform duties on our behalf. Examples of this include parcel delivery, letter and e-mail dispatch, customer list maintenance, analysis of our databases, advertising, payment processing (credit cards), direct debit, purchase on account, and customer service. These service providers have access to the personal information required to perform their tasks. However, they may not use this for other purposes. Furthermore, they are obliged to treat this information in accordance with the terms of this data privacy policy and German data protection legislation.


4. Consent and revocation

If you have given us personal information you can delete it at any time. Data required for invoicing and accounting purposes is not affected by termination/revocation or deletion.

The use of your e-mail address, telephone and/or mobile phone number and your fax number for advertising, marketing or market research purposes requires separate consent. You can give this consent electronically when you enter your details and revoke it at any time in the future.


5. Period of retention

Personal details that are communicated to us via our website are only stored until the purpose for which they were entrusted to us has been fulfilled. Where periods of retention are prescribed by commercial or fiscal law, the period of retention for certain data may be up to 10 years.

Should you no longer agree to the retention of your personal details, or if these have become outdated, we will arrange for your details to be deleted or blocked (provided this is possible according to the law) or the necessary corrections to be made on receipt of your instructions to this effect. If requested, we will provide you with information concerning all your personal details that we have on record.


6. Links to other Internet sites

We occasionally provide links to third-party websites. Although we exercise great care when selecting such third parties, we cannot guarantee or assume liability for the accuracy or completeness of the content and data security of third-party websites. This data privacy policy does not apply to linked third-party websites.


7. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the site visitor's Internet browser. Their purpose is, for example, to manage the connection during your visit to a website. They contain technical information only and no personal details. Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. However, you may also deactivate the storage of cookies or set up your browser to inform you when a cookie is about to be stored. We recommend that you activate cookies in order to be able to fully use our web applications (such as myLANCOM, support forms, etc.).


8. Updates to this data privacy policy

The "data privacy policy" must be updated whenever we introduce new products or services, alter Internet processes or when there are developments in Internet or IT security technology. We therefore reserve the right to change or supplement this statement when necessary. The changes will be published here. For this reason, you should visit this web page at regular intervals in order to obtain information of the current status of our data privacy policy.


9. Internal security measures

We guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal details by


  • using any personal details that you may communicate to us via our website or by e-mail solely to carry out your request or wish. The only exception to this is the existence of a critical error in products or software from LANCOM Systems (see item 3)
  • obliging our employees to observe their duty to maintain secrecy,
  • ensuring that our security measures appropriately reflect the latest technology,
  • inspecting the security of systems to ensure that the data that we hold is protected from damage, loss or unlawful access in the long term,
  • and checking that the data protection officer that we appoint ensures compliance with this "data privacy policy".


10. Liability

The information contained on this website has been checked with great care. However, we cannot guarantee that the contents of our website are accurate, complete and up to date at all times.


11. Contact

Please contact us if you are not satisfied with the measures described here relating to data privacy or if you have any questions regarding the collection, processing and/or use of personal details. We will make every effort to answer your questions as quickly as possible and to implement any proposals that you make. Please address any concerns to


12. Public code of procedures

You can view our public code of procedures, which you can download here as a PDF file.