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LANCOM release procedure

To ensure that our operating system and applications for Windows operating systems undergo the best possible preparation for daily use, we are entering into active dialog with our customers throughout the development.


Therefore, LANCOM users can access the latest LCOS or software version as a release candidate for testing in advance. This version has been through a beta-testing phase by a closed circle of LANCOM users, in addition to our full in-house quality assurance procedure. Problems and errors can be reported directly to our developers by means of our Feedback Wizard. This information flows into the ongoing release procedure, ensuring that the LCOS version or software for ultimate release is optimally prepared for operations.


Overall, this additional stage in quality assurance—by users, for users—aims to provide a further increase in reliability in productive environments.


Below, we briefly explain which versions of LCOS are available from LANCOM. This gives you the choice between an advance test of the release candidate, or of downloading the latest hardened LCOS release.


Although only LCOS is mentioned in the following, the same is applicable for other LANCOM software, e. g. LANconfig, LANmonitor, WLANmonitor, even LANCAPI or CAPI Faxmodem.

Release Candidate: A new LCOS version for testing in practice

"Release candidate" is the name for the latest LCOS version to have been subjected to beta-testing by a closed user group and our own in-house quality-assurance procedures. This means that release candidates have been through quality assurance procedures equivalent to the former releases from LANCOM Systems. Feedback based on practical testing allows yet more improvements to be made to these versions, the aim being to provide "hardened" LCOS releases for all users. Warning: LANCOM strongly recommends that you do not use release candidates in productive environments. You can gain an insight into the potential on offer with future LCOS releases, and you can help to make them even better. With the release candidate, you will of course receive extensive documentation and support with your feedback.

LCOS Release

LANCOM regularly publishes free updates to the LANCOM operating system (LCOS) and the LANCOM management system (LCMS), which feature new functions for all LANCOM routers, access points and gateways. Tested by beta testers, our own in-house quality assurance department, and by customers in practice, this LCOS release is the reliable version that is intended for secure 24x7 operations in productive environments.

The archive contains previous LCOS releases. This archives gives you access to LCOS versions for products that are no longer being actively marketed and for products unsuited to current LCOS versions. The archive also contains historical versions for current products, for example, to equip newly purchased components with older firmware versions in the case of large-scale installations that require uniform firmware versions.