The Technology page offers the option to set fixed channels for the 2.4- and 5 GHz bands, to specify the available channel width and to determine which radio mode is used. The default setting for all options is automatic selection.

Important: The physical settings that can be configured here apply to the entire frequency band and are not SSID-specific.
Note: With automatic channel selection, the channel is not changed during operation. no change of the channel takes place during operation. The channel is only selected when the WLAN module is started.

The two bar charts visualize how many SSIDs the device detected on the various 2.4- and 5 GHz channels, which can represent the potential load on the channels.

Note: The bar charts only contain information if a neighborhood scan has been performed under Neighborhood.

Client Management

The settings for band steering for Wi-Fi networks can be found here. Band Steering allows clients to be routed from the overflowing 2.4 GHz frequency band to the 5 GHz frequency band, providing more bandwidth for each client and improving the user experience. LCOS LX provides the ability to route clients to the optimal frequency band for them using the 802.11v standard. Clients that do not support the 802.11v standard can also be routed to the 5 GHz band by delaying sample responses or by selectively disconnecting from the WLAN. See also Band steering.

Active profile
Select the profile that defines the settings for the band steering module.
Steering is based on the medium load and the detected interference on the current channel and is preferably done using 802.11v. If the client does not support 802.11v, steering is performed by means of a targeted disassociation of the client. Steering is performed both before association and, if necessary, while the client is already associated. This is the recommended profile.
No steering is carried out at all. The client decides autonomously which frequency band to choose.
Steering takes place before the client is associated by the targeted restraint of probe responses. The 5 GHz band is always preferred regardless of the workload.

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