Location based services

LANCOM access points are able to function as LBS clients with an LBS server. In this case, they report any connected clients to the LBS server, which can then offer location-based services to those clients. As of LCOS LX 5.30, an HTTP interface is supported. This must be configured via LANconfig, see Location-based services (LBS).

By turning on the BLE radio here, data about the BLE environment is collected continuously.
BLE Scan Type
Choose between a passive and an active scan. The BLE name and a scan response can only be detected in the active scan. Note that BLE clients answering scan requests can increase power consumption.
CA certificate
If you have uploaded a certificate for the HTTPS protocol to the device, it will be displayed here.
If you use HTTPS, a CA certificate for server verification must also be uploaded to the device. You can do this here by selecting the certificate file and then uploading it.


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