You reach the Neighborhood area by means of the Neighborhood item in the sidebar.

The Neighborhood view provides an overview of the WLAN environment, especially the WLAN access points and WLAN routers that are locally active.

Click the button Start scan to discover the WLAN environment. After the scan is completed (duration: approx. 10 seconds), the results are shown in various diagrams and tables:

The top two bar charts visualize the number of SSIDs detected by the device on the various 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels, which can indicate the potential load on the channels. LANCOM access points detected by the scan and reachable on the same LAN as the current device are highlighted as "My LANCOM APs". The WLAN channel that the current device itself is working on is also indicated. The Neighborhood table also provides details about the SSIDs detected by the scan, such as the name, the BSSID (MAC address), and the signal strength.

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