Packet capturing in WEBconfig

This item allows you to capture Wireshark-compatible packets.

You reach this section from the sidebar under Diagnosis > Packet capturing.

In the section "Created captures" you can specify the interface where packets are to be captured and whether the capture size should be limited by the number of captured packets.

The interfaces available for selection include all Ethernet interfaces as well as active WLAN SSIDs (separated according to frequency band).

Click on Create capture and a capture job is created with the chosen settings, but it is not yet started. The capture can then be started at any time from the "Created captures" list. Click on Create and start capture to create a capture job with the chosen settings and start it immediately.

Using the "Created captures" list you can start, stop and download captures as a .pcap file.

Important: Capture data is streamed directly from the access point or WEBconfig into the browser's cache. Please note that a capture job that has been started is aborted when you close WEBconfig.
Note: Different capture jobs can be started in parallel.

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