Trace – an overview

Trace output is started in a CLI session. Set up an SSH session to the device. Call the trace with the following syntax:

The command trace, the key and the parameters are each separated by a space. The keys control the trace while the parameter determines the actual output.

Table 1. Overview of keys
Key Meaning
--log Output of "historical" Information from the log
? displays help
+ switches trace output on
- switches trace output off
# Toggles ""between the different trace outputs
no key displays the current status of trace
Table 2. Overview of parameters
Parameter Meaning --log
WLAN WLAN-related outputs, such as client log ins and log offs, key negotiation, ...
Note: If the trace is not enabled, the log file will contain only a small amount of information and the "historical" output will not be particularly informative.
IAPP Output on IAPP (inter access point protocol) Yes
Kernel Output on the basic system and kernel. Yes
SSH Output on the SSH service. Yes
* Wildcard, which stands for all services. Depends on the service

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