Configure LEPS profiles here and link them to an SSID. You can then assign the LEPS profiles to the LEPS users.

Enter a unique name for the LEPS profile here.
Network name
Here you select the SSID or, in the case of a WLC, the logical WLAN network for which the LEPS profile applies. The only users who can authenticate at the SSID or, in the case of a WLC, at the logical WLAN network are those who are connected to it via the LEPS profile.
Check MAC address
Possible values:
The MAC address plays no role during LEPS authentication. If any user-specific passphrase has been set, this will be checked.
Only clients whose MAC address is known are admitted.
Only clients whose MAC address is not known are admitted.
Here you specify which VLAN is assigned to a LEPS user or client who is connected to this profile.

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