In the WLAN encryption settings under Wireless LAN > WLAN networks > Encryption, the WPA versions WPA3 and WPA2/3 are available for selection.

With WPA3 selected, only WLAN clients that support WPA3-Personal will be able to login. This configuration enforces authentication with the Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE). Similarly, this SSID enforces the use of PMF (Protected Management Frames as per IEEE 802.11w), a mandatory part of WPA3.

By selecting WPA2/3, these two versions of WPA are offered in parallel. This option allows clients that only support WPA2 to operate in parallel with clients that already support WPA3. For WPA3-compatible WLAN clients, this configuration enforces the use of PMF; for WPA2-compatible WLAN clients, PMF is offered as an option for backwards compatibility.


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